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1. Innovative CDI ignition system for easy starting

2. Twist grip throttle for easy maneuverability and safety

3. Safety lanyard/emergency shutoff

4. Thermostat controlled water cooling system for consistent engine temperature

5. Heavy duty aluminum propeller

6. Easy to monitor oil level gauge indicator

7. Vibration reduction system

8. Start in gear protection

9. Shallow water drive

10. Ultra low emission, CE and EPA approved

11.24L separately fuel tank and hose

1. Electric Start
2. Lighting coil and 12V DC output allow you to run a spotlight.
3. Remote Control with electric start
4. Power trim and tilt system
5. Available various shaft lengths, 15, 20 and 25 inches, for multiple applications
6. 8”, 9”, 10”, 11” different pitch propeller for different boat’s request
The PARSUN four-stroke outboard engines boast muscular performance despite being light in weight for their classes.
PARSUN 15HP outboard motors feature greater flexibility and durability, are the perfect choice for inflatable, small fishing boats and pontoon boats with great operating convenience

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